THE AGE cheap eats guide 2009 3 stars winner
Feb 2009

Even the most committed connoisseur of all things Japanese will find something new to enjoy here ? from tofu served on ice to fried lotus root buns to sake-matching menus. And then there’s the gobo: make the acquaintance of the tasty burdock root shredded in a thick chilli-mayo dressing; it might be a stranger to you but its typical of Cocoro’s thoroughly atypical menu. Sushi and sashimi are fresh and beautifully presented, and even miso soup arrives in a large ceramic bowl instead of the usual plastic cup. It’s all watched over by an imposing wall of fine pottery worthy - like everything else on the menu of detailed inspection.

THE AGE cheap eats guide 2007 3 stars winner
February, 2007

"crafty japanese"
Passion and attention to detail lie at the heart of this cafe-pottery store. The menu guides you through an authentically Japanese dining experience, suggesting sake tasting (served chilled or warm) and an 'all-round kanpai(cheers!)'. Follow up with several small dishes to share: tender lotus root buns or agedashidofu in soy and mirin are delicately textured, steamed scallops in plum butter sauce are conversation stoppers, and the sushi is silky smooth. Savvy waitstaff are happy to take the lead with ordering, and all food is served on pottery from Cocoro's collection, which is also for sale.

What: 'Networking for Life'
A free information evening for people passonate about health & wellbeing. Sample the range of Cocoro Japanese Organic Gren Teas. You will receive information & inspiration from wellness expert Sherry Strong (also a celebrity chef!) in addition to a wellness gift compliments of Kocho Spa. Come and take a look at one of the newest & most authentic and relaxing Japanese style day spas in Melbourne!

Cocoro Japanese Organic Green Tea Tasting & Presentation Event at the Organic Expo 2007

Sep 7th (Trade only) Fri 10am-6pm, Sep 8th (Public) Sat 9am-6pm, Sep 9th (Public) Sat 10am-5pm
Place: Royal Exhibition Building Carlton, Melbourne

Come along to Organic Expo 2007 and see Cocoro Japanese Organic Green Tea in action! At our stall you will be able to sample all our organic green teas free of charge. Our range of premium green teas will of course be available for purchase for the duration of the Expo. This is your opportunity to sample some of the most premium organic green tea available in Australia. We will also be making organic green tea lattes and exotic organic green tea smoothies which will be available for purchase until we run out of our secret ingredients, so make sure you head to our stall early! Wholesale information kits will be available from our stall for businesses interested in stocking our tea and our staff will be able to assist all visitors to our stall with any inquiries.
We hope to see you at the Organic Expo!!

THE AGE February 16, 2007

You don't meet for just a drink at Cocoro; you meet for an experience. First up is the Cocoro menu experience, with an insert sheet kindly instructing on the Japanese way of ordering (drinks, then entrees and mains to share). Then there's the Cocoro drink experience: an array of lightly flavoured sake, served either warm or cold, tasting dry through sweet. Finally, there's the Cocoro food experience: miso-soaked soybeans, lightly grilled king fish or finely sliced salmon, with flavours so light they seem to dance across your palate (but that could just be the sake).

THE AGE December 15, 2006

This one might seem like a bolt out of the blue as a bar, but for pre-drinks the $10 sake tasting at Cocoro will have you happily fuzzy before you can say sashimi. Perfect for the sake. novice, Cocoro's sampler comes either warm or cold and includes bishonen, a dry sake that translates as "beauteous youth". kubota, mildly flavoured but easy to drink; and otokoyama, a dry taster for the adventurous, which translates as "men's mountain".

THE AGE EPICURE January 30, 2006

"Calm aesthetics, smooth jazz and a mix of well-priced Japanese titbits"

Nowhere is as far removed from the mood of the Templebar on its Monday and Wednesday drag nights as the calm, cream Japanese pottery/cafe directly over the road. Cocoro is full of restrained aesthetics such as calligraphy, little bushes carefully clipped into bonsai trees, and a display wall of delicate mottled ceramics in strange organic shapes. The soundtrack is velvet jazz. The food is an interesting mix. You won't find a gobo salad on many menus around town, but here the lightly crunchy root of the burdock plant arrives finely sliced. Its flavour is fleeting under a coating of cool mayonnaise, with a late savage bite of chilli. The sushi and sashimi list is minimal - usually based around salmon, kingfish or pretty little crab mayo nori rolls. Instead there are delicate stews of, say, pork and potatoes in a gravy, doused with sake, or perhaps lightly puffed dumplings of chewy minced lotus root served with a sweet soy and mirin sauce. The servings are small but then nothing on the menu is more than $10, making it a cheap night out for the bird-like eater.
To drink there are plum wines, sakes and Japanese beers such as Asahi or the darker maltier flavour of Yebisu.

Restaurant Bookings
03 9419 5216

117 Smith St, Fitzroy

THE AGE cheap eats guide 2008 3 stars winner
Feb 2008

From the fresh flowers to the artisan china, personal touches are everywhere at this boutique-sized izakaya (a Japanese-style tapas bar). The just-for-you feeling carries through to the menu - a 'how to order' section and sake-tasting sets (with tasting notes and pickled nibbles) ensure optimum coverage of the food, which focuses on healthy, home-style seafood and veg dishes. Whet the palate with a wad of miso spinach and salty-sweet marinated carrot strips, then share firm pieces of kingfish with garlic mushroom slivers, or lotus and miso dumpling puffs, and finish with a fruit-chocolate Kahlua-infused fondue.


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